Selling A Property

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21st Century Real Estate

Selling a house today is a very different process than in years past. Information lies at our fingertips through the Internet and Social Media, which can bring both positive and negative results. Although exposure is high, competition is, too. Presenting your home across both traditional and modern platforms in a polished and professional way is crucial to ensure you have a quick and lucrative sale. More than just placing your house in the MLS database, today’s Realtor must be on top of the current market, be familiar with local and regional current trends, and be attuned to your specific needs.

Modern Marketing

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, High Definition video, and 3-D interactive virtual tours are some of the modern marketing methods that help potential buyers get the most realistic and accurate impression of your home. And did you know that home staging is available to anyone, not just celebrities flipping homes on TV? All of these techniques, along with widespread online exposure, help propel your house to the front of the stage on the digital market. To complete the process, good old-fashioned print advertising and open houses offer prospective buyers a hands-on opportunity to learn more about (and fall in love with) your home.

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A Trusted Partnership

Finding the right Realtor when you decide to sell your home is key to a smooth experience. You should be able to communicate easily, and as often as needed, using the methods that suit you most. Negotiations, loans, appraisals, and inspections can be complex and require oversight and management by a professional who knows the process inside and out. And honesty, transparency, and strong ethics should be present from the first meeting to the final moments of your closing – and beyond. I pride myself on the trusting relationships I’ve formed with my clients, and am always honored when they call me back a second (or third, or fourth) time.



For every listing, true high dynamic range photographs are captured by a professional photographer.


We use the latest 3D scanning technology to create an interactive online experience for potential buyers. It\’s a 24/7 digital open house.


A professional video captured, edited and published to engage potential buyers on many digital platforms.


Two-dimensional floor plans drawn specifically to depict your home’s layout and dimensions of each room.


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